Fiscal Hold Policy

If you default on your payments, your account may go into a fiscal hold status.  This hold will automatically suspend access to your course; however, your VA claim will still remain open and active.  You are required to comply with the expectations identified in the Satisfactory Academic Progress & Standard of Attendance Policy.  A copy of this policy is available on the CPD Military information page for your reference.  The fiscal hold will remain in place on your account until the balance is paid in full, at which time access to your course will be reinstated.

Refund Policy

Once the program or course is accessed either by receiving materials or viewing lessons, participants are no longer eligible for any refund and are responsible for the full cost of the course.

Other Relevant Policies

You can find a student conduct policy overview in our Student Policy Handbook (PDF).  A quick-list of polices follows, or visit our Student Policies page for a complete list of student policies.


Information is subject to change without notice. Excelsior College reserves the right to modify or amend program requirements and change fees without notice.

Changes in College Regulations

The Board of Trustees of the College reserves the right to change the requirements for program completion, program costs, fees, and regulations affecting the student body. Such regulations will apply to all enrolled and new students and will be effective when promulgated. It is the responsibility of students to keep themselves informed of the content of all notices concerning such changes.