Digital badge Programs Show Descriptions

Fundraising Essentials Certificate

Course CPD223  |   80 hours, 4 months  |   Instructor-Facilitated  |   $1595  |   Course Details 

badge_fundraising_essentials-01Fundraising for any nonprofit organization is essential to building programs that sustain an organization’s mission and vision. As an individual breaking into the field of fundraising, or an established professional looking to redesign an existing operation, this program will teach you the strategies and underlying principles for a successful development program. 

Full participation in Fundraising Essentials Certificate is applicable for 80 points in Category 1.B – Education of the CFRE International application for initial certification and/or re-certification. 

Medical Terminology

Course CPD311  |   65 hours, 6 months  |   Instructor-Facilitated  |   $995  |   Course Details 

Appreciation of medical terminology is the cornerstone of effective badge_medical_terminology-01communication for all professionals in the health care community. This course serves as an introduction to the structure of medical language. Students will learn to recognize root words, suffixes, and prefixes as they pertain to the different systems of the body (respiratory, cardiovascular, nervous, etc.) and how to build medical words using combining forms. While introducing medical terminology by body system, brief overviews of the anatomy, physiology, and pathology of each system are reviewed for context and understanding. Students will also learn to apply these terms to a larger clinical context, and be able to translate common medical terms to basic, non-medical language. Students will be exposed to a variety of additional resources including medical dictionaries, articles, and journal publications for broader exposure to medically-related topics.