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Download important VA Approved Course information (PDF)

The approved programs list outlines the expected enrollment period for each rate of pursuit. This information may be helpful if you intend to complete above half-time status. The benefit hours breakdown lists the required weekly hours need to qualify for VA entitlements.

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Note:  Offline study, including assignments, reading, research, etc. is not calculated as part of your weekly time commitment.  Students are encouraged to develop a study plan to help them progress through the course at their desired rate of pursuit.  CPD staff & course facilitators are available to help with this process.

Please Review Prior to Registering

Download: Satisfactory Academic Progress & Attendance (PDF)

As per the DVA, all benefits claims will be processed at a half-time rate of pursuit (minimum of 9 clock hours per week). This will ensure that you have the maximum completion time with a minimum requirement on clock hour commitment per week.

However, students who successfully complete their program at a full-time or 3/4-time rate of pursuit will have Excelsior’s VA Office report the change in status to the DVA. (Note: For Post-9/11 GI Bill® benefits, a change to full-time or 3/4-time will generate a housing allowance for eligible students.) This amendment will be submitted upon successful completion of your program.

Please be advised that Department of Veterans Affairs regulations require us to report weekly attendance for clock hour programs to ensure that students are completing a minimum of 9 clock hours per week, as committed to on the Excelsior College Letter of Intention. Should you dedicate fewer than the minimum hours required for half-time status, your benefit claim may be amended to quarter-time. This adjustment to your rate of pursuit may result in a reduction or loss of VA financial benefits and, in some cases, a debt with the DVA may be created if payment has already been received.

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