Military & Veterans

Do you accept MyCAA or TA benefits?
How can I use my Veterans benefits to cover the cost of my program?
Can I use my benefits for more than one program?
What is the 85/15 Rule?

General Questions

What is the best way to search for a program I am interested in?
I know what program I want to take, when does it start?
Are all of your programs non-credit?
Do I have to enroll at Excelsior College before I register?
How can I pay for my program?
Can I use financial aid?
My company wants me to take a program – can you accept a purchase order or check?
Will I have to purchase textbooks?
Is the software I need included with my program?
Does my program include the certification exam?
How long will it take to complete a career training program?
Can I request a refund?
Help, I only have a few days left and I’m not quite finished with my program. Is it possible to request an extension?
Can I put my program on hold?
How do I know if I passed the course?
What will I get when I successfully finish my program?