Services & Trade Programs Show Descriptions

Event Management and Design

Course CPD059  |   300 hours, 6 months  |   Instructor-Facilitated  |   $1995  |   Course Details 

The Event Management and Design Online Training Program will equip you with the knowledge to advance in the field if you're already working in special events, or it will prepare you to enter the profession with an understanding of the industry. You'll build a foundation that you can use to build a career in special events or start your own special event business. This online certificate program is offered in partnership with major colleges, universities, and other accredited education providers.

Freight Broker/Agent Training

Course CPD064  |   180 hours, 6 months  |   Instructor-Facilitated  |   $1895  |   Course Details 

In this program, you’ll learn the skills you need in order to be a successful Freight Broker/Agent. In this growing industry, as a service-based business, you’ll explore how to connect shippers and manufacturers with transportation companies and manage those shipments. From licensing to operations, to sales and marketing, you'll learn the basics of how to run a domestic freight brokerage or agency in the United States.

Additionally, students will have access to Brooke Transportation Training Solution’s Resource Friday offering the opportunity to meet and discuss agent positions with participating freight brokerages in a virtual environment. The best businesses and brokers in the industry talk about the choice of starting their own brokerage, working as an agent for another firm, and other job opportunities. Complementary businesses also attend Resource Friday to meet new students and explain how each can mutually benefit the other in successful business.

Home Inspection

Course CPD072  |   200 hours, 6 months  |   Instructor-Facilitated  |   $2295  |   Course Details 

The Home Inspection Online Training Program covers the principal components of home inspection procedures and processes. You'll learn how to create a home inspection report that will detail the home's condition, including the heating and cooling systems, the plumbing and electrical systems, the roof and siding, and the framing and foundation.

HVACR Certified Technician

Course CPD073  |   265 hours, 12 months  |   Instructor-Facilitated  |   $3795  |   Course Details 

The HVACR Certified Technician program is a unique, all-inclusive online training that encompasses heating, ventilation, air conditioning, and refrigeration.

The program is structured to provide an instruction on the skills necessary to installers and technicians who are seeking HVAC certification.

This program is truly all-encompassing, because as a part of your tuition, you will receive paid exam vouchers to take exams that lead to the most significant industry certifications.

Travel Agent Training

Course CPD123  |   250 hours, 6 months  |   Instructor-Facilitated  |   $1795  |   Course Details 

Whether you’re an experienced world traveler or just have wanderlust, a career in travel allows you to share your passion with others by offering advice on trip destinations, planning trip itineraries, and making travel arrangements for your clients.

Travel agents sell and book travel for everything from family vacations, to honeymoons, to corporate travel. It’s their job to cater aspects of the trip to their clients needs. As you advance your career, you can even specialize in a specific type or region of travel.

And, as an added perk, you’ll know all the insider tips to the travel industry, so the next vacation you plan will be exactly what you hoped for.

Wedding Planner

Course CPD130  |   340 hours, 6 months  |   Instructor-Facilitated  |   $1595  |   Course Details 

Wedding planners combine creativity and organization to help happy couples celebrate the most important day of their lives. Train for a career surrounded by celebratory events!

In this program, you will master the fundamentals of planning, orchestrating, and delivering stunning weddings and parties. This program allows you to earn your certification as a professional wedding and event planner and will give you an opportunity to put your new skills to work in an optional internship.