Multimedia & Design Programs Show Descriptions

Business Marketing Design

Course CPD174  |   360 hours, 9 months  |   Cohort  |   $6,500  |   Course Details 

The online Business Marketing Design Certificate programs help students develop essential skills in branding, advertising, and promotional design that can enhance your small business or build your corporate client base. The Professional Certificate program gets you started with skills in visual design including advertising and brand identity.

Course topics in the Professional Certificate program include training in Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator, marketing and advertising, and corporate identity design. Advanced Certificate students expand on these skills with focused work in visual design concentrations of their choice. Your portfolio at the end of the program will showcase your marketing-oriented design work to potential clients and employers.

Digital Arts

Course CPD171  |   360 hours, 9 months*  |   Cohort  |   $6500  |   Course Details 

The online Digital Arts Certificate programs help you build creativity and technique in traditional drawing and digital illustration. Digital imaging software, color theory, traditional drawing, and digital illustration techniques are all explored at the Professional Certificate level. When you complete a Digital Arts online college certificate program, you will have a portfolio of creative work.

 The Professional Certificate program features basic and advanced training in Adobe Illustrator that addresses Illustrator's learning curve and helps you create sophisticated vector graphics and vector drawings. Students also take traditional drawing classes and digital illustration classes that refine their illustration skills in a range of styles and media. Advanced Certificate students take these skills a step further with concentrations in digital photography, fine arts, or other visual arts disciplines. 

Fine Arts

Course CPD175  |   360 hours, 9 months  |   Cohort  |   $6,500  |   Course Details 

The Fine Arts programs provide you with a foundation in art theory and technique all in the flexible environment of an online art school. You will gain experience that can complement an art or design career or simply enrich an appreciation of fine art. The Fine Arts Certificate program lays a foundation in drawing, digital photography, and painting with a variety of exciting art courses.

Course topics in the Certificate program include pencil and charcoal drawing, color and mixed media drawing, figure drawing, digital SLR photography techniques, eras and themes in art history, paint color mixing, and still life oil painting. In the Advanced Certificate, you can add concentrations to your program that increase the depth and breadth of your visual arts studies.

Fine Arts Studio

Course CPD168  |   90 hours, 6 months  |   Instructor-Facilitated  |   $2,650  |   Course Details 

The ability to represent the world through observation and drawing is still a valued asset in artists today. In this three-module Intensive program Fine Artist Studio, you'll learn how to draw and paint using critical concepts of line, mass, form, perspective, value, and composition and capture the human figure with its many intricate variations.

The program consists of three courses: Drawing I, Figure Drawing, and Painting I. You'll build a foundation in traditional techniques for drawing and painting, getting detailed feedback on how to develop professional artist techniques.

Graphic Design

Course CPD169  |   360 hours, 9 months  |   Cohort  |   $6,500  |   Course Details 

Our online Graphic Design Certificate programs are designed to get you started in this fun and fast-paced design industry. Stay on the cutting edge with a Graphic Design Certificate that will enable you to build a body of creative projects that showcase your talents. The online Professional Certificate program builds a foundation in design theory and software that challenges you to create logo designs, poster designs, and work in other key areas of the field. With online graphic design courses that focus on creativity and technique, beginning and advanced students alike can sharpen their skills.

Course topics in the online Professional Certificate program include digital design, fundamentals of typography and the letterform, logo design, page layout and magazine layout, and poster design. Advanced Certificate students build on the Professional foundation with additional graphic design courses in print design, brand identity, or other concentration areas with classes in print production, advanced typography, packaging design, and more.

Multimedia Arts

Course CPD172  |   360 hours, 9 months  |   Cohort  |   5,995  |   Course Details 

The Multimedia Arts Professional Certificate program gets you started with a visual design, motion theory, software, and Web scripting foundation and builds your comfort in shooting and editing video. At the end of the program, you will have developed a portfolio of highly engaging and interactive multimedia pieces.

Course topics in the Professional Certificate program include training in Adobe Premiere Pro and Adobe After Effects alongside motion theory, digital video editing, digital video production, and motion graphics. Advanced Certificate students can apply these skills to additional projects in animation and digital media concentrations such as Flash Design and Game Art.